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Archive for March, 2013

From time to time, people write to me as Executive Director of the Canadian Canoe Museum with questions about the boats in their lives. One of the most lively go-rounds about a mystery craft has happened over the last few weeks. It has been a delightful journey through the world as seen by curators and boat experts around the world. It started with an email from Graham Mackereth, who is the Managing Director of Pyranha Mouldings in the UK, maker of kayaks for all seasons. He has written to me about something else but added the following codicil to his note:

Incidentally whilst writing I’ve been moving some of my canoes, ready for displaying a few, and it reminded me to try and find out a bit more about one which I’m very uncertain about. This is an Inuit style kayak, made from birchbark, over an inuit style frame -ever heard or seen such a kayak? I’m looking after it for the BCU, and am not sure if its aboriginal or a UK craft enthusiast playing. The BCU certainly don’t know and its source passed away a few years ago. Read more