Circling the Midnight SunIn 2010, James embarked on a project to travel around the world at the Arctic Circle to put a human face on climate change.  Nearly three years of travel, living and travelling with people in Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia, Russia, Alaska and Canada, has produced a cornucopia of images, sights, sounds and stories that celebrate the human dimensions of the circumpolar world.  There are stories here about what is happening at the leading edge of climate change but these are almost always eclipsed by the immediacy of circumstances of cultural change in the myriad indigenous peoples living around the Arctic Circle.  Circling the Midnight Sun is evolving story that you will not hear from anyone else, touching the full spectrum of human ingenuity and adaptation that lie in the remarkable lives of northerners.

Additional Material

Video from a Canadian Geographic blog post about Iceland:

CBC Outfront - The Sounds of Reindeer

by Lloyd Binder | Inuvik, NWT