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Entry Points - creative journal keeping

Back in the early 80s, students in the Outdoor & Experiential Education Program at Queen’s University were required to keep a learning journal throughout their studies at university as well—especially—during their internships at experiential learning programs throughout Canada and beyond.  As a way of encouraging them to think creatively as they processed experiences, James created this compendium of ways to starting making sense of what they were seeing, feeling, learning, not learning or chafing on in their arc as a budding educational leader.  For many years, it was published and republished by the Queen’s OEE unit.  News of this little resource travelled by word of mouth mostly.  Individual copies and class sets went to practitioners in schools on every continent.  In spite of the fact that there are now more ways to reflect on experience, the need for reflection in the experiential learning process is as pressing as ever.  Exclusively here on jamesraffan.ca Entry Points is now available free for download and use with students in return for dropping James a line to say a little bit about what you’re using it for, how and with whom.  Have fun!

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  1. Trevor Haldenby

    Thanks for the amazing learning + journaling tool, James!

  2. Leigh Cormier

    Hey James, I teach outdoor and experiential education at Mount Baker Secondary School in Cranbrook, BC. I lucked out and came across a copy if Entry Points at my school 8 years ago, when I first started teaching here. I love it and use your prompts and ideas to elicit reflection throughout the semester. My students keep a logbook or journal as a record of their learning. Love your creativity! Thanks!


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