Frontier, Homeland and Sacred Space


Frontier, Homeland and Sacred SpaceFrontier, Homeland and Sacred Space:  A collaborative investigation into cross-cultural perceptions of place in the Thelon Game Sanctuary, Northwest Territories.  James writes:  Big doctoral thesis … even longer title.  Funny how things work out.  My dissertation was going to be a great book about how people of different cultures relate to the same the same piece of ground.  I spent a year living and travelling with people of three different cultural groups who all knew, or know, the lands in and around the Thelon Game Sanctuary.  I’ve written various journal and periodical articles about the work and have spoken about various aspect of the research but the book about “the land as teacher” (which is one of the main motifs in the work) … that has been quite a bit more illusive.  Still in the works … and may be for some time yet.  The multi-hundred page version is available at Queen’s, or through interlibrary loan and it is on microfiche as well and I’ve heard that Google Books has captured the text as well.  The one page (possibly two if you count the planning sheet) version looks like this. Lutselk'e Portrait Planner Click on sketch for an image called “Learning from Lutselk’e.


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