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As a first generation Canadian, I’ve come to appreciate that Canada is a nation of rivers and, by virtue of that geographical fact, a nation of canoes.

When I think of Canada, I think of rugged coastlines and of great waves crashing into rocky shores which take the letters o-c-e-a-n and toss them high in the air, like spray.  These letters swirl, mix and remix and then fall back to earth at the mouth of some river, any river, as c-a-n-o-e, the perfect vehicle to paddle up river into the heart of the nation.

As singer/songwriter (and Air Canada Captain) Dave Hadfield says, “You know you haven’t seen this country, ’til you leave the road behind/Try turning back the pages, to another place and time/Park beside a wild river/Pull a canoe down off the rack/Dip a paddle in the water/And know for certain that you’re back.”  Canoes, my muse, means and medium … for explorations without and within.

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Algonquin OTMPC canoe Gord Baker
Algonquin OTMPC canoe Gord Baker
Burnside Icy River Antics
Coppermine '10-1306
Coppermine Jake Canoe Low Angle
DF on Bow River downtown Calgary
Canoeing at sunset
Two bears and a canoe!
Gail Gulf Shore Canoesongs
Grand River Aerial Canadian Geographic
Grand River Aerial Canadian Geographic
Grand River Canadian Geographic
JonBoxall Lift Lock
JR Red Canoe Gulf Shore
L'eau Claire Jake Flying
L'eau Claire Marco Drowns Rick
L'eau Claire Marco Rainbow
Madawaska River Albert Backlit
Man and Dog
Peel River Fishing Net
Red Canoe Berens River
Rice Harvest Canoe Gadget
Thelon Golden Evening
Thelon White Canoe Sunset
Wager Bay Doubles Kayak Sailing
Wakeup in Whiteshell
Whiteshell Misty Morning Dock

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