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My British parents met and married in Scotland and, after service in WWII (my dad was in the Royal Navy and my mum was a sister at Aberdeen Royal Infirmiry) they decided that the UK would not be an ideal pursue their careers and raise a family.  So, as the family story goes, they had friends in South Africa, Australia and Canada all of whom were willing to help them relocate.  For some reason, Australia was ruled out early on in the decision making process which left Canada and South Africa as possible new homes.  Apparently it was a toss up.  Whether they flipped a coin or just made the call, they ended up on the Empress of Scotland bound for Montreal.  Who their four children might have been growing up in South Africa has always been a question that has rattled around in the back of my brain.  What is the effect of place, of locale, of region, neighbourhood, latitude, longitude on the shaping of character and point of view?  As such, I have always considered myself an “accidental Canadian” driven to see and to understand this country my parents chose, more and more conscious with every passing day, every adventure that they chose north instead of south and how profound a decision that was in shaping who their children came to be.

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Aberdeen Lake NU
Akshayuk Pass
Akshayuk Pass Baffin Island
Alanngorsuaq Fjord
Algonquin Park
Allina Lane Seeley's Bay Ontario
Anadyr Russian Far East
Approaching Shishmaref
Arctic Circle Dempster Highway
Arctic Circle Norway
Arctic Norway
Aurora Northern Alaska
Aylmer Lake
Bayaga Russia
Below Redrock Lake NWT
Big Crow Lake
Blue Moon New Year's Day Antarctica
Bolstadarhlid Iceland
Brookes Range Alaska
Cache Lake
Campbell Lake Conjunction
Campbell Lake NWT
Coppermine River
Cranberry Lake Ontario
Dalvik Harbour Iceland
Dempster Highway
Digges Island Nunavik
Downtown Toronto
Dunnville Harbour Lake Erie
Dunnville Ontario
East Arm Great Slave Lake
East Baffin Island
East Greenland
Eidet, Norway
Eight Mile Joe's Peel River Ferry
Falmouth England
Falmouth Harbour
Fort Yukon
FYU Fort Yukon Alaska
Glacier Southern Greenland
Grand River Near Dunnville
Grand River Ontario
Grimsey Light Iceland
Hardy Lake NWT
Hart Lake Nunavut
Herding Reindeer Near Parson Lake NWT
Horses in Iceland
Hot Spring Southern Greenland
Ice Road Lena River
Icy River Nunavut
Icy River Portage
Inside Akita 64 Drill Rig Near Swimming Point
Isle of Grimsey
Jacques Cartier Valley, Quebec
James Bay Aurora
Kingston Ontario
Koerner Ice Cap Antarctic Peninsula
Kotzebue Alaska
Kupol Gold Mine Chukotka
Labrador Coast
Lac a L'eau Claire
Lake Superior Provincial Park
Lake Superior Provincial Park Ontario
Lancaster Sound
Lena River Ferry
Lena River Ice Road
Logs in the River
Mackenzie Delta
Magadan Cathedral
Magadan Russia
Main Street Shishmaref Alaska
Mid afternoon Fort Yukon
Moise River Valley
Moon over Lake Superior
Moosonee Ontario
Morning in Old Town YK
Mum Gail Ani Fiona Pony Ponies Arbo Painting
Munn Lake NWT
Museum of the North Fairbanks
Nahanni River Tufa Mounds
Nanortalik Greenland
Near Copenhagen
Near Qikiktarjuaq Baffin Island Coast
Nome Alaska
Noon Fort Yukon Alaska
Northern Iceland
Northern Norway
Northern Scotland
North of Gorno Knyazevsk Siberia
Nova Scotia Shore
Orkney Ring of Brogdar
Ottawa River Ontario
Over Cayuga Ontario
Over Sea of Okhotsk
Oymyakon Road Sakha Republic
Pangnirtung Fjord
Paris Ontario
Peel Sound
Prairie Canada
Prairie Town Saskatchewan
Quebec North Shore
Rapeseed Near Grand Prairie-Alberta
Reindeer Herders Mackenzie River Delta
Resolute Thule House
Richmond Gulf Night Tent
Richmond Gulf Splendid Night
Riviere a L'eau Claire
Road to Seliyaravo Russia
Seal Lake NWT
Seeley's Bay Maple Wood
Seeley's Bay Ontario
Shishmaref Alaska
Shishmaref Alaska Airstrip
Skarsvag Norway
Snowed in Nome Alaska

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