Meet James Raffan. Speaker. Creator. Explorer.

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The following is a collection of talks by James Raffan on risk  – etc.

Click on the images to see the title slide or on a link below to read a synopsis of the talk and find links to additional material (where available).

Remembering Temiskaming »
Circling the Midnight Sun »
Education as a Story
Sir George Simpson and the Remarkable Story of the Hudson’s Bay Company
How to Catch a Penguin: a.k.a. Journal-Keeping 101
Bill Mason and the Canadian Canoe Tradition
OEffective Education: Rethinking the Value of Experiential Education
Penguins I Have Known: A Journey to Antarctica
Risk is Not a Four-Letter Word
From George Simpson to Arctic Sovereignty: Confessions of a Professional Geographer
The Arch of Experience: Expeditionary Learning
The Grail of Character: Wither Risk and Adventure
The Lure of Faraway Places
Travels with Angulalik: The 2010 Coppermine Atanagi Expedition

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