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Summer North of Sixty

Summer North of Sixty CoverJames writes:  Following the success of Wildwaters, Phyllis Bruce was keen to publish a followup book that would continue with the theme of paddling wilderness rivers.  “Is there one trip you’ve done that had more impact than any other?” she asked.  The answer was “absolutely” referring to a seven week trip through the barrenlands of what is now Nunavut from the Lockhart River system into the Back River system and eventually down the Burnside River to tidewater at Bathurst Inlet.  This was a trip that had a little bit of everything, including a last minute switch of partners which turned the trip into a first real date with the woman who I eventually married.
Summer North of Sixty went on to be voted #3 in Rapid Magazine’s Top 10 List of “Canoeing’s All-Time Great Reads” behind R.M. Patterson’s Dangerous River and Sigurd Olson’s The Lonely Land and just head of Elliott Merrick’s True North.
This book is available as an audio book, narrated by Rober Adams, through the British Columbia Public Library.
4.0 out of 5 stars “On a par with Thoreau” April 8, 2006



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