Meet James Raffan. Speaker. Creator. Explorer.

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“a genuine tour-de-force”

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James Raffan’s talk on “The North in Seven Years” at the Winnipeg Art Gallery was a genuine tour-de-force, bringing individual and human stories alongside a thoughtful and nuanced socio-political context. Much is said about the Arctic but Raffan’s connection to the land, and the people that live there, results in a powerful presentation.”

“an intimate look”

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I was especially impressed with Dr Raffan’s story telling abilities. A style which provided his audience with an intimate look into the lives of actual people he has met; their lifestyle, the issues they face and the impact of global climate change on their way of life. The slide presentation ensured that we were taken on a journey to lands many of us know nothing about and may never see in our lifetimes.

“excellent messages”

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I thank you most warmly for your wonderful presentation.  I am sure you sensed the excitement and enthusiasm radiating from the audience for the excellent messages you communicated.  You will be delighted to know that our Bulletin Editor, a sage born-and-bred Englishman, told me that it will be extremely difficult for any guest speaker to equal your ‘standard’ throughout the remainder of our 51 weekly programs.

“stunning audiovisual display”

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James’ presentation to our outdoor education philosophy class was of immeasurable value to our students and the staff that attended.  James presented a stunning audiovisual display and his own values and philosophy that framed perfectly further classes.  He was entertaining, challenging, and engaging.  I think many students were thinking that they would like to have him for a professor!

“interesting, witty, and extremely personable”

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I loved the variation in his presentations.  Whether speaking to the staff, to the students in school assemblies, or to individual classes, he had something valuable to offer. He is interesting, witty, and extremely personable. A fabulous choice!

“master story teller”

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James Raffan took the story of Boreal Rendezvous across the country with music, photos and the art of a master story teller.

“received rave reviews”

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The Raffan presentation received rave reviews.  There was superb photography together with an articulate discussion of various frontiers that only the canoe can reveal.