Meet James Raffan. Speaker. Creator. Explorer.

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“he’d listen to you read a phonebook!”

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Thank you once again for your great presentation. As one person said to me, who wants to listen to a “guy” talking about canoes? Afterwards he said that he would listen to you read a phonebook! When do you want to start a new career? Seriously, I do want to thank you so much for setting the tone for our day which in turn made it an unqualified success.

“stunning audiovisual display”

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James’ presentation to our outdoor education philosophy class was of immeasurable value to our students and the staff that attended.  James presented a stunning audiovisual display and his own values and philosophy that framed perfectly further classes.  He was entertaining, challenging, and engaging.  I think many students were thinking that they would like to have him for a professor!

“interesting, witty, and extremely personable”

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I loved the variation in his presentations.  Whether speaking to the staff, to the students in school assemblies, or to individual classes, he had something valuable to offer. He is interesting, witty, and extremely personable. A fabulous choice!

“highlight of the night”

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Your slide show was definitely the highlight of the night.

“hilarious, quirky and at times touching”

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Hilarious, quirky and at times touching … [your] descriptions and anecdotes fleshed out the world into which this incredibly significant collection of canoes and kayaks was born.

“captured everyone’s attention”

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It was great to walk into the room with James Raffan and see that so many folks had come out to hear him.  Our goal was to raise the profile of our club and having James as a speaker certainly did that.  The presentation captured everyone’s attention and created a real buzz about canoeing.  No one wanted to leave!  James’ clearly read the audience well.   It was exactly what we needed, a real boost of energy and enthusiasm. Great photos!  Perfect pace!

“bio reads like a ’70s Ronco ad”

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When I first heard of James Raffan, it was through one of those bio’s that read like a ‘70s Ronco ad — ‘It slices, it dices, it will wash your car, it’s the life of the party, it is a party!’  Well, this one read, ‘teacher, author, musician, artist, historian, photographer, consummate wilderness traveler …’  I thought give me a break!  Well, without further adieu, I introduce to you, teacher, author, artist, musician, historian, photographer, consummate wilderness traveler … and now, add music producer to the list.  Ladies and gentlemen, James Raffan.

“received rave reviews”

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The Raffan presentation received rave reviews.  There was superb photography together with an articulate discussion of various frontiers that only the canoe can reveal.