Meet James Raffan. Speaker. Creator. Explorer.

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“He wowed them!”

Howard Heffler, Bow Waters Canoe Club, Calgary

We first met James in person when he was here in Calgary to talk to a large group about the Canadian Canoe Museum. He is such a great ambassador that we became enthusiastic to have the Traveling Exhibit from the CCM here, so when it opened at Fort Calgary in June this year, he was the obvious guest speaker. He wowed them! Naturally the “canoe heads” in the audience were enthralled, but so were the “normal” (an admittedly judgemental term)  people.  James’ presentation was fun, fast paced and canoe-centered. But it managed to make everyone aware of what a significant role the canoe has played in the history of Canada and in our national psyche. Even the least adventurous, non-paddler could not help but be moved by his presentation. He did an outstanding job!