The Governor’s Way: Enduring management wisdom from Sir George Simpson during the golden years of the North American fur trade

Leadership/Management Talks

The Governor's WaySir George Simpson took the reins of the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1820, just shortly after it had amalgamated with the Northwest Company, following years of cut-throat corporate competition that had very nearly run both companies into bankruptcy.  Simpson first task was to half his workforce and from there, travelling around his domain—which covered 1/12th! of the world land surface—by canoe and snowshoe, he brought the HBC back to profitability and for the next forty years, until his death in 1960, returned dividends to his shareholders every year.  In writing his acclaimed biography of Simpson, James came to appreciate the Governor’s unorthodox but effective leadership style and management techniques.  The Governor’s Way is a presentation that anyone ever charged with working within a multilayered and complex business will appreciate and enjoy.  Leadership tips from the Fur Trade.  Management by canoeing around.