Up Here – 20 Perfect Paddles


Up Here Canoe CoverBack around 2002, then editor of Up Here magazine, Cooper Langford, was looking to create an editorial thread that would weave stories about the unpeopled part of the north with regular snapshots of what is going on in the communities and in places where wilderness travelers rarely go.  Cooper contacted James with the idea of doing a column that picked up on CBS TV’s idea of dropping into a place for 48 Hours and writing about what happened in that time.  This collaboration turned into a column called “Arctic Post Cards” and a series of features that led to three years of amazing northern travels for James and recognition from the National Magazine Awards for Up Here.  Here are some samples of the stories in the “Arctic Postcards” series.

The inaugural column from the Jan/Feb 2003 issue:  “Stickered Again” »

The final column from the Nov/Dec 2005 issue:  “See You on the Trail” »


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